Digital Enterprise Journal (DEJ) is publishing a study on best practices for achieving top performance in managing IT Operations. The study is based on insights from more than 800 organizations worldwide and is scheduled to publish in August. The objectives for the study are:

  • Provide actionable recommendations to end-user organizations by identifying and leveraging practices of top performing organizations (TPO)
  • Take a holistic approach for defining a performance improvement roadmap that includes 4 key areas – strategy, process, organization and technology
  • Help organizations to create a business case for technology modernization by identifying measurable benefits that they can expect by applying best practices

Some of the key takeaways of the study include:

  • Putting data in a context that is actionable, relevant and aligned with business goals is a key step in closing the performance gap with TPO class
  • Ability to scale up – for both present and future – should be one of the key selection criteria when selecting IT Operations solutions
  • Real-time visibility and taking a proactive approach for managing IT Operations are key prerequisites for achieving TPO performance levels
  • Organizations have to change their approach for managing IT Operations to support new technologies, infrastructure types and software architectures
  • Automation has become one of the key components of IT Operations strategy, but organizations have to make educated decisions about which processes they want to automate
  • Monitoring the performance of IT services from the perspective of the end-user does not have an alternative

For access to the key findings, see the presentation below.

If you would like to register to gain access to the final study, contact DEJ through this link.