About DEJ

Some of the favorite messages that analysts like to use are “you need to change or…” and “The XYZ way of doing things is dead”. Ironically, the only industry that didn’t even attempt to change is an analyst’s own, with doing things the same way for decades.

Our background is in industry analyst business and after more than 15 years of experience in covering enterprise technologies we became frustrated with key shortcomings of the traditional model in this industry:

  1. Matrix-based reports and “one-size-fits-all” analysis hide true leaders in solving specific problems
  2. Often leaves consumers of research asking themselves – “So what?”
  3. Long publishing cycles
  4. Business models get in the way of having a holistic coverage of the market
  5. Most of the insights and recommendations not based on survey data

Digital Enterprise Journal (DEJ)’s approach is a departure from a traditional industry analyst and market research models and it is based on 4 attributes

  • Business centric
  • Data driven
  • Outcomes focused
  • Agile