Research Study – The Total Business Impact of IT Performance

DEJ surveyed more than 2,300 organizations to quantify the correlation between the value proposition of IT performance solutions and business areas such as: 1) creating competitive advantage; 2) return on investment (ROI); 3) cost of not acting; and 4) impact on business outcomes. The study also reveals key IT performance challenges that are preventing organizations to address their key business goals and identifies how top performing organizations (TPOs – top 20% of the survey pool based on their performance) are addressing these issues. Some of the key findings of this research include:

  • $21.58 million – Annual cost of not acting for managing cloud performance

  • 5.1x – ROI of a proactive approach for managing IT performance

  • $4.218 million – Average revenue loss due to lack of capabilities for managing remote work

  • 4.1x – ROI of a balance between speed of innovation and reliability

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The complementary version can be downloaded on the websites of vendors that own distribution rights to the study: Micro FocusNexthink and OpsRamp.