Research Study – The Roadmap to Becoming a Top Performing Organization in Managing IT Operations

The Study is based on insights from more than 900 organizations and is produced by using DEJ’s unique approach for ongoing data collection and analysis as well as the methodology that provides actionable insights and recommendations for achieving levels of Top Performing Organizations (TPOs). The top 20% of organizations in terms of IT Operations performance (TPOs) are reporting:

  • 79% – Percent of performance issues that are proactively detected, as compared to 39% for all others
  • 38 minutes – Average Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) per incident, as compared to 224 minutes for all others
  • 51% – Percent of IT budgets available for growth and innovation, as compared to 26% for all others

The study includes 13 survey-backed recommendations for organizations that are looking to achieve the success level of the top 20% of organizations (TPOs) in this market.

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