Research Study – Strategies of Leading Organizations in Adopting Observability

Digital Enterprise Journal (DEJ) surveyed more than 1,300 organizations to 1) determine what Observability really means to user organizations (beyond vendors’ marketing and being a buzzword); 2) identify the true value areas of Observability; 3) allow organizations to benchmark their performance and identify a class of top performing organizations: 4) analyze capabilities that are having the most impact on performance; and 5) provide data-backed recommendations for achieving performance levels of leading organizations in adopting Observability.

This study includes a variety of topics around adopting Observability and some of the key findings include:

  • 9x – Increase in adopting a cloud native approach over the last 3 years
  • 58% – reported that they lost visibility into the digital service delivery chain after conducting modernization projects
  • 68% – reported delivering exceptional digital experiences as the key goal for adopting Observability
  • $35.53 million – annual loss due to delays in application releases


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The complementary version can be downloaded on the websites of vendors that own distribution rights to the study, such as Chronosphere (co-branded copy) and Coralogix.