Research Study – 24 Key Areas Shaping IT Performance Markets in 2022

DEJ surveyed more than 3,300 organizations around a variety of topics about managing IT performance. Our analysis identified 24 key areas that are having the strongest impact on IT performance markets in 2020. Some of the key findings of this research include:

  • 3.6x ROI from effectively adopting a cloud native approach
  • $46 milion average annual loss due to a lack of automation capabilities for managing IT performance (release delays, incident prevention and resolution, etc.)
  • 66% of MTTR is spent on identifying change that is causing a problem
  • 68% of IT team’s time is spent on tasks that do not contribute to key business outcomes

For key takeaways from this research, please see DEJ’s research article

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The complementary version can be downloaded on the websites of vendors that own distribution rights to the study: Catchpoint, Mezmo, Micro Focus, OpsRamp.