• 01

    Situational analysis

    DEJ's goal is to provide actionable recommendations to user organizations based on their specific goals and challenges. Our methodology allows organizations to analyze technologies in a transparent fashion and select capabilities that can be most beneficial for their individual requirements.
  • 02

    Beyond technology buckets

    Our approach for analyzing technology markets starts from the business problem that organizations are trying to solve, as opposed to pre-defined classes of technology that they should be evaluating. As more innovative solutions are entering the enterprise market, many of them do not really belong in any of the traditional technology "buckets", but their solutions are being very effective in addressing key challenges of user organizations.
  • 03

    Maturity framework

    DEJ's methodology includes analyzing practices of top performing organizations in various markets and applying our Maturity Framework to provide actionable recommendations to organizations that are looking to use technology as a source of competitive advantage.
  • 04

    Business value analysis

    One of the key goals of DEJ's research approach is to provide an answer to the "So what?" question and ensure that user organizations have a clear understanding about the business context of their technology strategies. DEJ's approach allows organizations to identify a direct correlation between actions they are taking on the technology side and their key goals and challenges.