17 Areas Shaping the Information Technology Operations Market in 2018

This is based on insights from more than 2,500 organizations and is produced by using DEJ’s unique approach for ongoing data collection and analysis as well as the methodology that provides actionable insights and recommendations for achieving levels of Top Performing Organizations (TPO) when it comes to managing IT Operations. DEJ’s TPO Maturity framework shows that, in terms of IT Operations performance, the top 20% of organizations are experiencing significant operational and business benefits such as:

  • 2016 minutes less spent for Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) per incident as compared to all other organizations
  • 5 times more IT resources available for transformation, growth and innovation for top performing organizations (TPO) in IT Operations as compared to all others
  • Percent of performance issues that are proactively detected: 76% – TPO; 52% – All others

Further Key Highlights:

  • 71% of organizations feel that their IT performance data is not actionable
  • 79% reported that adding more IT staff to address IT incident management is not an effective strategy.

Overall, DEJ’s research shows that the road to becoming a digital business runs through IT Operations, but IT Operations needs to be modernized to enable digital transformation. The study shows that the IT Operations market is well positioned to grow, but not as a whole. The market is becoming defined by automation, analytics and data management and the success of IT Operations is being evaluated from the perspective of external and internal customers.


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