DEJ’s recent study, The Roadmap to Becoming a Top Performing Organization in Managing IT Operations, identified actions, capabilities and strategies that have the strongest impact on key IT performance metrics. The study broke down attributes of top performing organizations (top 20% of all participants) in four areas – strategy, process, organization and technology and provided 13 actionable recommendations for organizations that are looking to achieve this level of performance.

The research also identified 14 challenges that were reported by 40% or more of the organizations that participated in the survey. Additionally, the amount of change that organizations are dealing with has never been greater and DEJ’s research shows that the pace of change is expected to further accelerate in 2020. For a single organization to effectively address this many challenges and be able to deal with the increasing level of complexity, it takes more than just investments in new technology capabilities and a redesign of IT Operations management processes. It takes a new approach for managing IT that is well aligned with fast changing, both internal and external, environments.

DEJ’s research revealed that the approach that top performing organizations (TPOs) in managing IT performance are taking resulted in measurable IT and Operational benefits. These organizations reported:

  • 79% – Percent of performance issues that are proactively detected, as compared to 39% for all others
  • 38 minutes – Average Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) per incident, as compared to 224 minutes for all others
  • 51% – Percent of IT budgets available for growth and innovation, as compared to 26% for all others

However, achieving this level of performance requires a strategic effort with focus on key pillars of modern IT Operations. DEJ’s study included insight from more than 900 organizations and our analysis produced thousands of unique data points. In terms of leveraging the findings of this in-depth research, DEJ identified six key steps that organizations should be taking when developing a new approach for managing IT operations that will allow them to become a part of the TPO class. DEJ and OpsRamp will discuss these six key steps during a webinar on November 26th, 2019.

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